Welcome to Seven Traditions Press

Seven Traditions Press is the publishing arm of Heart Mountain Monastery. We publish, or intend to publish, a wide variety of art, books, articles, essays, tapes, DVD’s, CD’s, self-help materials and correspondence courses in the “Seven Traditions” of human expression and evolution. Not all at once, of course, but bit by bit, piece by piece, as we are so moved.

We know, of course, there are a gazillion traditions. But we can’t be “the gazillion traditions press,” because there’s just not enough time. So seven is convenient– seven is (traditionally) the number of wholeness.

In our system of systematizing, The Seven Traditions are:

1. The Tradition of Physical Survival and Physical Preparedness
2. The Tradition of Sexual and Emotional Relationships and Development
3. The Tradition of Social and Economic Relationships and Development
4. The Tradition of Home and Religion (Yes, we understand them to be the same tradition.)
5. The Tradition of Science
6. The Tradition of Art
7. The Tradition of No-Tradition

We recognize that these traditions naturally overlap and interweave. There’s the science of religion, for example, and/or the religion of science; we have the art of sexuality, and/or sexual artistry. We have the tradition-less aspect of money and society, as well as the traditions of money and society. That said, we also recognize that many people– most people– tend to express themselves and evolve within one tradition or another, mostly depending on what their own “birth family” and cultural traditions led them to adopt. More mature folks tend to work and evolve in two or three traditions, maybe four. Our work at Seven Traditions Press is to help people understand, access and enjoy the full range of the “evolutionary traditions” available to we humans, and thereby access more of what we truly are. As we do this, our world naturally moves into greater harmony. It is to these ends that Seven Traditions Press is dedicated.